Qualify from Home


  • Instantly Available
  • Accessible Anywhere

Easy to use and proactive, the digital interface provides learners with all the course materials and resources needed to obtain adequate and quality  knowledge on the subject being studied. 


  • Regulated Assessments on your computer, tablet or smartphone

Once the knowledge has been gained, learners can access the E-Assessment platform that allows them to undertake the assessment from anywhere with an internet connection. 

Online Invigilation

  • At a convenient time in the comfort of your own home

Learners are able to undertake assessments from the comfort of their own workspace whilst being monitored by our distance invigilators who will ensure exam conditions are being adhered to.


We have been given access to a digital portfolio that could help you keep your business on the front foot during the current COVID-19 Crisis.

We can provide you and your team an alternative training experience with the complete "Qualify from Home" suite of courses that can be completed even during self-isolation.  All you need is:

  • An isolated area
  • A computer
  • A Smart Phone
  • A Webcam
  • Photographic Identification

Click on the title below for more details - to enrol on the course of your choice, click  "Arrange your own Course" button and follow the on screen instructions.