E-Learning allows the learner to develop their knowledge and skills from the comfort of their own surroundings. Courses can be accessed anytime, anyplace and allow the learner to proceed at their own pace. 

There is a broad range of subjects covered by E-Learning packages and we are pleased to offer a suite of courses accredited by a leading provider in the UK for you to access. 

From courses such as Food Safety and Hospitality Essentials to Asbestos Awareness and Construction Safety we are confident there is a course suitable for your requirements. 

To view our full range of courses then please use the course finder and type in the topic you would like to learn about  and click search. Alternatively search "E-Learning" for a full list of the courses available. Once you have selected the qualification you wish to undertake click on "arrange your own course" and complete the form. Your course will be then allocated and details sent to you. 

All of our E-Learning courses cost just £35 to include full support and certification.