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Driffield Show Day Special

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Integrated training and assessment (ITA)

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0.5 Day

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Integrated training and assessment (ITA)


**PET FIRST AID** This accredited course is designed for pet owners or animal professionals alike. On this half day session we will cover topics such as: Pet first aid and the law -The vet and your role in first aid - Keeping your pet safe in an emergency - Car Accidents- Pet Proofing your home - How pets show pain - Checking your pet's health and finding out what is normal - Taking a Pulse - Pet First Aid Kits - Breathing and respiratory problems - Pet CPR - Drowning and Treatment - Shock - Pet fractures treatment - Spinal injury and moving an injured pet - Medical Conditions - Types of Bleeding - Dressings, bandages and controlling bleeding - Nail and Claw Injuries - Dog Digestive Process - Vomiting in Animals - Dehydration in pets - High Temperatures and Heatstroke - Hypothermia Treatment - Choking - Bites and Stings Fleas and Ticks - Seizures and Epilepsy -Diabetes. Successful completion will result in an Level 2 accredited qualification.

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